#1 – Flying

This is the most obvious one. For most folks flying sucks in general due to its long list of irritating and uncomfortable logistics, but for me it’s a little harder thanks to anxiety. More specifically, flying by myself gives me anxiety. In general when I fly with my wife or a friend I do not experience symptoms, though I can sometimes feel like I am starting to get symptoms.

The underlying ‘fear of flying’ doesn’t have much to do with actually flying in itself. Rather, in a ‘Catch-22,’ the fear comes from being unable to ‘escape’ out of a situation where I am starting to experience anxiety related physical symptoms.

Anxiety for me is generally not a rational response to a situation.  Consider the fact that airline fatalities are exceptionally rare. There are some 30,000 domestic commercial flights everyday in the US and the last major accident was in 2001. Despite this, once they close the door I can begin to feel trapped and that starts the “anxiety symptom chain.”

Note that this does not actually stop me from flying. I just deal with it — sometimes alcohol helps.

Anxiety Rating (out of 10): 8


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One Response to “#1 – Flying”

  1. Mike Says:

    I agree with the flying part. My anxiety is when they close the door and we just sit there. They tell you that you cant get out of your seat. I think it is the idea that the plane has control over you like if you get up to use the restroom the entire plane will have to wait and you could possibly make a delay. It’s weird.

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